Cultural tourism is a cornerstone

Cultural tourism is a type of tourism in which cultures and cultural heritage in different parts of the world are explored. This tourism includes visiting archaeological sites, museums, exhibitions, traditional villages, popular neighborhoods, temples, churches and mosques, and enjoying folk arts, music, dances, folk cuisine, and mystical and religious experiences.

Cultural tourism is characterized by the fact that it provides tourists with an opportunity to enjoy unique and enjoyable experiences, enhances understanding and appreciation of different cultures, and promotes cultural understanding and peaceful coexistence between different peoples and cultures in the world.

Cultural tourism includes many different activities, such as visiting archaeological and historical monuments, museums, art and craft exhibitions, and cultural and entertainment events that include theatrical and musical performances, folk dances, celebrations, cultural festivals, and educational activities that help visitors get to know the local culture better.

Cultural tourism is important to enhance the local economy in tourist areas, as it provides new job opportunities and contributes to improving the standard of living for the local population. Cultural tourism also promotes the preservation of cultural and historical heritage and promotes the sustainable development of tourist areas.

It can be said that cultural tourism is an exciting and beneficial experience for tourists, as they can enjoy the wonderful tourist attractions and local culture and learn about the lifestyle, customs and traditions of different societies, which helps to expand their cultural horizons and enhance understanding and peaceful coexistence between cultures.


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