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Mauritius Tourism Guide

Mauritius is a gorgeous tropical island in the Indian Ocean, very popular as a tourist destination for families, couples and solo travelers alike. The following is a tourist guide that includes some of the activities and distinctive places that can be visited during your stay in Mauritius:

1- Beaches: Mauritius includes many wonderful and amazing beaches, which are characterized by soft sand and clear blue waters, such as Fombray Beach, Lemur Beach, Pereybere Beach and Blue Bay Beach. Visitors can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, surfing and diving at these beaches.

2- Busisson Park: This park is located in the southern part of Mauritius, and includes more than 100 species of local and imported animals and birds. Visitors can enjoy strolling through the park and learning about the wildlife in the area.

3- Red Island: This island is located in Grand Baie Bay, and is famous for its beautiful red sandy floor and clear blue waters. Visitors can reach the island by boat or small boat, and enjoy swimming, sunbathing and surfing.

4- Botanical Gardens: Mauritius has many beautiful botanical gardens, such as Bengala Garden, Servin Garden, and Sucre Garden. Visitors can enjoy walking in the parks and learning about local and imported plants.

5- Cruises: Cruises to other islands in the region are one of the popular activities in Mauritius. Visitors can enjoy diving trips, fishing, kayaking and more. Visitors can visit Isle Island, Surf Island, Bennett Island or Flick Island and enjoy hiking, relaxing and kayaking in the clear blue waters.

6- Water sports: There are many opportunities in Mauritius to practice various water sports, such as surfing, diving, riding small boats, riding jet skis and water skiing.

7- Local Markets: Visitors can visit the local markets in Mauritius, such as the Kwaido Fish Market, Port Louis Shopping Market, and Soughflake Island for handicrafts and local products. Visitors can enjoy strolling through the markets and buying souvenirs, handicrafts and local products.

8- Picturesque nature: Mauritius is characterized by picturesque nature and wonderful landscapes, such as green fields, green mountains, waterfalls, lakes and rare forests. Visitors can enjoy hiking, nature walks, and learning about the local wildlife.

9- Culture and history: There are many museums and historical monuments in Mauritius, such as the Sugar Museum, the Frederick Hendrik Kor Museum, the Great Mauritius Church, the old prison gate, and the slave memorial park. Visitors can learn about the local history and culture by visiting these historical monuments and museums.

10- Food and drinks: Mauritius includes many restaurants, cafes and bars that serve local and international cuisine. Visitors can try local delicacies, such as curry, okra, fresh fish and hot chaabi, and enjoy delicious local drinks, such as raw sugar juice, lychee juice, avocado juice and other delicious drinks.

These are some of the activities and places to visit in Mauritius. It should be noted that the island also hosts many events throughout the year, such as the International Film Festival, Food and Beverage Festival, Twinkling Lights Festival, and more. Visitors should search for available and suitable events for them


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