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3-5 Days Program for Visiting Amsterdam


Amsterdam is known for its beautiful canals, rich history, and vibrant culture. If you’re visiting Amsterdam, here’s what you should do:

Day 1 – Amsterdam Central Station to Waterlooplein Flea Market

The first day of your trip will be all about exploring Amsterdam. If you’re staying at one of the city’s many hotels, it’s only a short walk from your hotel to Amsterdam Central Station and from there, a train will take you straight to Waterlooplein Flea Market. This is an excellent place to start as it has plenty of things to see and do, including buying unique gifts and souvenirs or simply enjoying some great food!

Day 2 – Flower Market and Amstelkring Museum

On day 2, you can enjoy the Amsterdam Flower Market and Amstelkring Museum. The flower market is a wonderful place to visit if you want to see some beautiful flowers, plants and trees. It’s also great for photography as there are many opportunities to take photos of both natural and artificial flowers.

Amstelkring Museum is another place worth visiting when in Amsterdam as it offers insight into Dutch history through its exhibits on various themes such as art, fashion and design over time. You will be able to see how different eras have influenced each other through their clothing styles during different periods in history; this helps you understand where your own style comes from!

If you’re feeling adventurous then head over to Anne Frank House which offers tours around their secret annexe where they hid during WWII before being captured by Nazis later on (you’ll need tickets though). Alternatively if museums aren’t really your thing then why not take some time out at Rijksmuseum where there are plenty of paintings & sculptures by famous artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn or Vincent Van Gogh?

Day 3 – Anne Frank House and Rijksmuseum

Today you will visit the Anne Frank House and Rijksmuseum.

Anne Frank House is a museum dedicated to Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis during World War II. She wrote her famous diary while she was in hiding there with her family. The museum has been open since 1960 and features an exhibition on life in Nazi-occupied Holland, as well as the original Secret Annex where they lived until they were discovered by German soldiers on August 4th 1944. You can also visit their gift shop which sells all sorts of souvenirs related to this historical event like books, postcards etc..

Rijksmuseum is one of Amsterdam’s most popular attractions because it houses many valuable paintings including Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring (1665). It was established when King William I bought some artworks from private collections after Napoleon’s troops had looted them during his conquest campaign in Europe between 1795-1815; these were later donated back by King Willem III after he defeated France once again during Waterloo battle 1815 – now known as Battle Of Waterloo Day every year on 18th June!

These are some amazing things you can do in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a city with many things to do.

There are museums and art galleries, markets and flea markets, parks and gardens and canals that cross Amsterdam. You can walk along these canals or even ride a boat on them! Amsterdam is a great place for walking because there are so many things to see while you walk around the city.


Amsterdam is a great place to visit, and there are many things you can do while you’re here. We hope this list has given you some inspiration! If not, check out our other guides on Amsterdam attractions or things to do in the city.


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