The best tourism guide in Malta

Malta is a country located in the Mediterranean Sea that is characterized by its sunny weather, stunning scenery and rich history. The following is a tourist guide to Malta:

  1. Capital Valletta: Valletta is the main city of Malta and is characterized by its rich history and various tourist attractions such as the State Palace, the Central Cathedral and the Valletta Motor Circuit.
  2. The City of Three Cities: The City of Three Towns located on the eastern coast of Malta is one of the best places to enjoy the sights and beautiful beaches. Restaurants and bars can also be enjoyed in town.
  3. Gozo Island: Gozo is one of the best islands to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and various tourist attractions such as the Arab Fort, Gantija Temple, and the National Museum of Ancient Tools.
  4. Malta Island: The island of Malta is characterized by its beautiful beaches and various tourist attractions such as the city of St. Julian, the zoo and the Museum of Roman Civilization.
  1. The city of Sliema: The city of Sliema is one of the best tourist cities in Malta, as it is characterized by various tourist attractions such as the large castle, the National Museum of Fine Arts, and beautiful gardens.
  2. Comino Island: Comino is a small island, but it is characterized by picturesque nature and various tourist attractions such as beautiful beaches, natural caves, and ancient castles.
  3. Museum of Islamic Civilization: This museum is one of the best museums in Malta, as it displays the history of Islamic civilization in the region, Islamic art, tools, and ancient manuscripts.
  4. Mount Santa Venera: This mountain is one of the highest places in Malta and offers stunning views of the island and the Mediterranean Sea.
  1. Museum of Maltese Jewels: This museum displays a collection of ancient and rare jewels dating back to the Roman, Byzantine, Spanish, Phoenician and Arab eras.
  2. Cruises: You can enjoy wonderful cruises in Malta, where you can enjoy stunning views of the coasts and islands and visit natural caves and sea caves.
  3. Sports Activities: You can enjoy various sports activities in Malta, such as diving, snorkeling, surfing, water skiing, and snowboarding.
  4. Public parks: There are many public parks in Malta, where you can enjoy the picturesque natural atmosphere and relax under the palm trees and green spaces.
  5. Restaurants and Cafes: There are many restaurants and cafes in Malta, where you can try delicious Maltese food and local drinks.
  6. Local markets: You can visit the local markets in Malta and enjoy shopping in various shops and buy souvenirs, artifacts and local handicrafts.
  7. Parties and Events: There are many parties and events in Malta throughout the year, where you can enjoy the local music, arts and culture.


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