The best tourist guide in France

There are many reliable and useful tourist guides that can be relied upon when traveling to France, and among these guides:

1- Lonely Planet Guide: The Lonely Planet guide is one of the most popular travel guides in the world, covering most cities and tourist sites in France. This guide includes detailed information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, leisure activities, shopping, transportation, and more.

2- France Tourist Guide: This guide is a good source of tourist information in France, and includes information on the main French cities and famous tourist attractions, in addition to recreational and cultural activities, shopping, restaurants and hotels.

3- The Official French Tourism Guide: This guide is issued by Troisem France, the agency responsible for stimulating tourism in France. The guide includes information about cities, tourist attractions, cultural events, leisure activities, shopping, restaurants, hotels, and more.

4- The Michelin Guide: The Michelin Guide is one of the most famous tourist guides in the world, and includes detailed information on restaurants, hotels, leisure activities, and tourist places in France. This guide is characterized by its highly accurate ratings of restaurants, hotels and leisure activities, making it a good reference for travelers looking for quality and comfort in their tourism trips.

5- Rotary Guide: The Rotary Guide is one of the best travel guides available for France, and includes detailed information on cities, tourist sites, monuments, hotels, restaurants, and leisure activities in France. This guide is distinguished by giving travelers a deeper insight into French culture and history, thanks to articles that explain many things related to cities and tourist attractions. The guide also includes detailed information on transportation and shopping in France.

6- A guide to France by luxury resort owners: This guide focuses on luxury hotels and resorts in France, and provides detailed information on the services and facilities available in these resorts, in addition to the main tourist attractions in the surrounding areas. The guide also includes information about recreational and cultural activities in the resorts’ surroundings that visitors can enjoy.

These are some of the popular tourist guides in France, but there are many other useful guides that you can rely on, many of which can be obtained online or in tourist offices located in France.


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