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The best travel guide in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is located in southern Africa and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the African continent, as it is characterized by many stunning natural attractions and rich culture. If you’re planning to visit Zimbabwe, here are some of the main attractions and things to do there:

  1. Victoria Falls: These falls are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Zimbabwe and include one of the largest waterfalls in the world.
  2. Lake Kariba: This lake is one of the largest natural lakes in Zimbabwe and is home to many wildlife, reptiles and birds.
  3. Hofu Park: This park is one of the most important tourist attractions in Zimbabwe and houses many famous wild animals such as lions, elephants, giraffes, and zebras.
  4. Museum of National Civilization: This museum is one of the best places to learn about the history and diverse culture of Zimbabwe.
  5. Mount Champfu: This mountain is one of the most important natural features in Zimbabwe and includes many wild animals and rare plants.
  6. Safari: You can go on a safari in Zimbabwe to catch sight of the famous wild animals and learn about the culture of the locals.
  7. Sand boarding trips: Sand boarding trips are one of the popular activities in Zimbabwe, where you can sand board in the desert and enjoy the stunning scenery.

There are many activities to do in Zimbabwe, including horseback riding, desert trekking, shopping and tasting traditional cuisine. Also, you can enjoy folk music and dance in different cities in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s traditional cuisine is varied and rich in local flavors and ingredients. There are many restaurants and places you can visit to sample traditional Zimbabwean cuisine, including:

1- Mandiba Restaurant: This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Zimbabwe to taste traditional cuisine, as the restaurant serves delicious dishes such as fava beans, grilled meat and seafood.

2- Kaya Fit Restaurant: This restaurant is one of the most important restaurants in Zimbabwe. The restaurant offers distinctive meals of traditional cuisine such as pizza stuffed with meat, grilled chicken and fried fish.

3- Palm Pizza Restaurant: This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Zimbabwe to eat local pizza. The restaurant offers different types of pizza stuffed with meat, vegetables and cheese.

4- Chikumbo Restaurant: This restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Zimbabwe. The restaurant offers various dishes of traditional cuisine, such as yogurt mixed with vegetables, local herbs, and grilled meat.

5- Stone Town Restaurant: This restaurant serves traditional Zimbabwean cuisine, such as fava beans, grilled meat and fried fish, in addition to many international dishes.

There are many other restaurants in Zimbabwe that serve traditional cuisine, which you can discover during your visit to the country.

Yes, you can book a safari online. Many travel and tourism companies offer online safari booking services, and you can search for these services through search engines or tourist booking sites.

It is better to choose a reliable and reputable travel company for online booking, where you can view the experiences of previous travelers and read reviews and comments about companies and available trips.

When booking online, be sure to specify the necessary details such as venue, date, number of people, duration and activities available. It is also necessary to check the specifications and equipment available for the trip, and to ensure that there is health and safety insurance for the participants in the trip.

More information about safari trips in different destinations can be obtained through travel and tourism websites and various forums that talk about this topic.


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