Tourism guide in the Red Sea

Welcomes you to the Red Sea region, which is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Egypt and the world. Here is some general information about tourism in the Red Sea:

1- Marine activities: The Red Sea region is famous for various marine activities, such as diving, surfing, fishing and yacht riding. There are many schools and training centers that offer lessons for beginners and professionals in these activities.

2- Wildlife: The Red Sea region includes many nature reserves and national parks that are famous for its diverse wildlife, such as the Ras Muhammad Reserve, Ras Shaitan Reserve, and Hurghada National Park. It is possible to enjoy wild trips, camping, camel riding and wandering in the desert.

3- Tourist places: There are many famous tourist places in the Red Sea region, such as Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Giftun Island, and Taba Island. These areas are characterized by pristine sandy beaches and clear blue waters that attract tourists from all over the world.

4- Restaurants and cafes: There are many restaurants and cafes in the Red Sea region that serve local and international cuisine, in addition to delicious drinks. Many great restaurants can be found on the beaches and try fresh seafood.

5- Reservations and Prices: Hotels, resorts, flights, and cruise activities can be found through various reservation sites, such as Booking.com, Expedia.com, Agoda.com, and others. Prices for hotels, flights, and marine activities vary according to the season, location, and season of services provided. Advance reservation is advised to get the best offers and prices.

6- Safety: You must adhere to the regulations and instructions issued by the local authorities and follow the rules of public safety in all tourist places. It is also advised to consult with the competent authorities before carrying out any marine or land activity to ensure safety.

Finally, we wish you an enjoyable stay in the Red Sea region and enjoy its unique beauty and diversity.


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