Tourist guide in Tunisia

Tunisia is a beautiful and culturally and historically diverse country, characterized by its beautiful beaches and its warm and temperate climate at the same time. If you are planning to visit Tunisia, here are some of the tourist places you can visit:

  1. Tunis: The capital, Tunis, is a wonderful and diverse city in terms of culture and history, and includes many important monuments such as the old city, the Bardo Museum, and the Roman Theatre.
  2. The city of Carthage: Carthage is one of the most important archaeological sites in Tunisia and includes many important monuments, such as the Roman theater, the archaeological park, and the National Museum of Punic Civilization.
  3. Sofitel City: Sofitel is a beautiful coastal city characterized by its beautiful sandy beaches and delicious restaurants, and includes many luxury hotels and health resorts.
  4. Djerba Island: Djerba is located in southern Tunisia and is one of the most important tourist islands in Tunisia. It is characterized by its beautiful sandy beaches, traditional markets and neighboring farms.
  5. Sousse City: Sousse is located on the eastern coast of Tunisia and includes many exciting tourist attractions such as the Arab Citadel, the Great Mosque, and the Archaeological Museum.
  6. Mahdia City: Mahdia is a beautiful city located on the eastern coast of Tunisia, and is characterized by its beautiful beaches, traditional shops and delicious restaurants.
  7. The city of Kairouan: Kairouan is an important historical city in Tunisia, and it includes many important monuments such as the Great Mosque, the Kairouan olive branch, and the Kairouan Museum.
  8. The city of Tataouine: Tataouine is located in the south of Tunisia and is famous for its beautiful desert nature and important archaeological monuments such as the Hawamdia Palace, Mount Mghila, and Hammamet al-Ghilan.

These are some of the places to visit in Tunisia, but there are plenty of others to explore, including traditional villages, rural areas, and desert. You can also enjoy various sports and leisure activities in Tunisia, such as camel riding, sand boarding, snorkeling and hiking.

It should be noted that Tunisia is a safe, friendly and cultured country, but attention should be paid to the security challenges that the country faces in some regions, which require caution when traveling to those regions. It is also advised to follow the security and legal directives issued by the local authorities, and to avoid traveling to border areas and remote areas at night.


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