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Your best tour guide in Taiwan

Taiwan is an island in the China Sea located about 160 kilometers off the Chinese coast. Taiwan is known for its rich and diverse culture and stunning landscapes. Here is a tourist guide to plan your trip to Taiwan:

Best places to visit in Taiwan:

  1. Taipei: Taipei is the vibrant capital of Taiwan, and is characterized by its cultural attractions and many recreational activities. Visit Chiang Kai-shek Palace Museum, Shilin Shopping Market, Taipei 101, Zhongshan Historical District and Ximing District. You can also enjoy delicious restaurants, night markets and visit Buddhist temples.
  2. Taroko City: It is located in eastern Taiwan and is famous for its picturesque mountains, rivers, waterfalls and Buddhist temples. Taroko National Park, Dragon Bridge, Longshen Temple, Xingxi Falls and Xingxi District can be visited.
  3. Kaohsiung City: It is located in southern Taiwan and is the second largest city in Taiwan. Liu Art Museum, Laojie District, Lion Mountain, Siming Port, Xingjia District, Fuhe Temple and Kaohsiung Art Museum can be visited.
  4. Taitung City: Taitung is a small city in northern Taiwan that is famous for its outdoor activities and beautiful scenery. You can visit Yanminshan National Park, Gongfu Mountain, Shih Tin Falls and Gyeongshan District.
  5. Taitung City: Taitung City is a center of culture and arts in Taiwan, and there are many museums, art galleries, and theaters. Taoyan Temple, Taitung Art Museum, Nangan Art Center, National Taiwan Theater and Xining District can be visited.

The best activities in Taiwan:

  1. Enjoy the scenery: Taiwan has many beautiful natural scenery, such as Taroko Mountains, Yanminshan District, Sugon District, Chih Tin Falls, and so on. Hiking, cycling and wandering in the scenic nature can be enjoyed.
  2. Visiting museums: There are many art, cultural and historical museums in Taiwan, such as the Chiang Kai-shek Museum, the Liu Art Museum, the Taiwan Museum of History, the Taitung Museum of Art, and others. Learn about the local history, culture and arts of Taiwan.
  3. Shopping: Taiwan has many traditional markets and modern stores, such as Shilin Market, Ximing District, Taipei 101 Shopping Center and Bangkao District. Shopping for local products and souvenirs can be enjoyed.
  4. Taste the local food: Taiwan is famous for its delicious and varied food, such as dumplings, noodles, seafood, and desserts. Local foods can be sampled in popular restaurants, night markets and traditional areas.
  5. Enjoying cultural activities: Taiwan hosts many cultural and artistic events throughout the year, such as the Lantern Festival, the Gongye Festival, the Kaohsiung Arts Festival, and the San Xia Festival. Music, dance and traditional arts can be enjoyed at these events.
  6. Visiting temples: There are many Buddhist, Taoist, Christian and Islamic temples in Taiwan, such as Longshen Temple, Fuhei Temple, Taoyan Temple and others. These temples can be visited to enjoy peace, meditation, and discover the religious culture of Taiwan.

Tips for traveling to Taiwan:

  1. Obtaining a visa: Most visitors need a visa to enter Taiwan, and the visa can be obtained from the Taiwanese embassy or consulate in the visitor’s country.
  2. Local transportation experience: Taiwan has many local transportation methods, such as trains, buses, and buses

The best time to visit Taiwan is from November to February, when the temperatures are milder and the weather is drier. It is also possible to visit Taiwan in the period from March to May when the weather is warm and sunny, and the flowers in the spring season are at their height, and cultural festivals can be enjoyed during this period.

In the summer, temperatures range from 30-35 degrees Celsius, and the weather is humid and hot, making some outdoor activities uncomfortable. In the fall, the climate is mild and dry, and the autumn colors are at their height, and the scenic landscapes can be enjoyed during this period.

It should be noted that Taiwan can be visited all year round, but the summer typhoon season, which runs from July to September, should be avoided. It should also be noted that some tourist areas in Taiwan get crowded during national and local holidays, so the visit must be well planned to avoid crowding.


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