Kuwait Tourism Guide

A tourist trip on a famous trip in Al-Arabi, with its Gulf culture, history and wonderful tourism areas. The following follows a tourist guide to Kuwait:

  1. Kuwait Tower: The Kuwait Tower is the highest in Kuwait, with a height of more than 400 meters. It offers great views of Kuwait City and the Arabian Gulf.
  2. Kuwait City: Kuwait City has many museums and famous tourist attractions, such as the Aviation Museum, the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Jaber Museum, the Grand Mosque, and the traditional Mubarakiya market.
  3. The Kuwaiti Islands: The islands include beautiful islands that are worth visiting, such as Failaka Island, Om Al-Haiman Island, and Faiha Island. These islands offer great opportunities to enjoy beaches and water activities.
  4. Subiya: Subiya is a famous old city of tourism in Kuwait, as it features traditional markets, mosques, and historical monuments such as the Port Tower and Subiya Fort.
  5. Old Kuwait: It now includes ancient landmarks, such as the Seif Palace, the Kuwait Lighthouse, the old wall, the National Museum of Art, and many traditional markets.
  6. It is scattered and dispersed throughout Kuwait, such as Al-Shaheed Park, Al-Siddiq parks and forums.
  7. Activities and sports: Tourists can practice sports in many activities and sports in Kuwait, such as diving, horseback riding, safari in the desert, sightseeing tours and cycling.

It is possible to reach Kuwait by plane, where letters are flights from most countries of the world, and there are many hotels and tourist resorts in Kuwait that provide comfortable accommodation for visitors.

Tourists must also have some cultural customs and traditions in Kuwait, such as wearing Kuwaiti traditional clothes and Arabic tea.

Kuwait numbers.

In Kuwait, the current suite is based on some activities, clothing, and behaviors. Al-Azman must adhere to the security and health instructions in the country, return masks, distance, and adhere to general hygiene rules.

Obtaining additional information about tourist activities and tourist attractions in Kuwait through visitation centers and tourism offices in the country, viewing and data for visitors in different languages.


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