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The best Azerbaijan tourism guide

Azerbaijan is a wonderful country for tourism, as it combines rich culture, ancient history, stunning nature, and distinctive tourist attractions. The following is a guide to the most important tourist attractions and activities that can be done in Azerbaijan:

  1. Old Baku: Old Baku is one of the best tourist attractions in Azerbaijan, as it includes many historical buildings, mosques, baths, and markets dating back to the Middle Ages. The Old Baku Castle, Freedom Square, and the Bazaar Center are the most visited places.
  2. The Grand Palace of Shirvan: The Grand Palace of Shirvan is one of the most famous tourist attractions in old Baku, as it dates back to the fifteenth century, and includes a group of beautiful rooms, halls, and patios.
  3. Camel oil springs: Camel oil springs are one of the most famous natural features in Azerbaijan, where oil flows naturally from under the ground, and these springs are an important source of energy in the country.
  4. Lake Jandar: Lake Jandar is located in northwest Azerbaijan, and is considered one of the largest salt lakes in the world. It also includes a group of small islands and tourist resorts.
  5. Martyr’s Museum: The Martyr’s Museum includes a collection of objects and documents that narrate the history of Azerbaijan, and the museum dedicates itself to reminding
  6. visitors of the victims who were killed during the disastrous conflict with Armenia.
  7. Mountain of Fire: The Mountain of Fire is located in the village of Yanar Dag, about 25 kilometers from Baku, and this mountain is considered one of the most amazing natural features in Azerbaijan, as oil comes out of it and burns permanently like a glowing fire.
  8. The Shah’s Palace in Ishmael: The Shah’s Palace in Ishmael dates back to the sixteenth century, and is considered one of the most important historical monuments in Azerbaijan, as the complex includes many palaces, mosques, courtyards, and gardens, and reflects Iranian Islamic architecture.
  1. Visit the city of Quba: The city of Quba is located in the beautiful Caucasus Mountains, and it is considered one of the most beautiful and wonderful cities in Azerbaijan, as it includes many tourist places such as Shahdag Lake and the Quba Museum of Traditional Arts.
  2. Gobistan Desert Safari: Gobistan Desert is one of the best places in Azerbaijan for safari, where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and witness wild animals and rare plants.
  3. Skiing in Shahdag Resort: Shahdag Resort is one of the most important winter resorts in Azerbaijan, as it is characterized by stunning landscapes and various recreational activities such as skiing, sledding and ice skating

In addition, you can enjoy the delicacies of Azerbaijan, which are characterized by rich spices, grilled foods and fresh fish. And you must make sure to obtain a valid travel visa to enter Azerbaijan, and see the terms and conditions related to travel and residence there.

All in all, Azerbaijan is a great country to explore and enjoy culture, history, and nature, and it can be an ideal travel destination for travelers looking for a unique experience.

Yes, a visa to travel to Azerbaijan can be obtained online through the electronic service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan. This online service provides the possibility to apply for a travel visa to Azerbaijan and pay the visa fees online.

Travelers wishing to obtain a visa to travel to Azerbaijan should check the requirements for obtaining the visa and the required documents. It must also be ensured that the passport is valid for a sufficient period from the scheduled date of travel.

Moreover, travelers with certain passports can obtain a visa to travel to Azerbaijan upon their arrival at the airport, but it is advisable to check in advance about the possibility of obtaining a visa on arrival and the requirements required.


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