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The best tourism guide in Belarus

Belarus is a wonderful tourist destination in Europe, as it combines rich culture, ancient history, picturesque nature, and distinctive tourist attractions. The following is a guide to the most important tourist attractions and activities that can be done in Belarus:

  1. Minsk: Minsk is the capital of Belarus and one of the best tourist attractions in the country, as it has many historical buildings, mosques, parks, and museums. St. Samuel’s Church, the National War Museum, the Art Museum and Nemega Square are the most visited places in the city.
  2. Mir Castle: Mir Castle is located in the city of Mir in central Belarus, and it is one of the most beautiful historical castles in Europe, as it includes a group of amazing towers, gardens, and halls.
  3. Prana Museum: The Prana Museum is considered one of the most important museums in Belarus, as it includes a large collection of international and local artworks, sculptures, jewelry, and old furniture.
  4. Lake Naroch: Lake Naroch is located in northwestern Belarus, and is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the country, as it is characterized by stunning landscapes, tourist resorts, and water sports activities.
  5. Belovej Park: Beloveje Park is located in northeastern Belarus, and includes a wide range of rare species of animals and plants. Hiking, cycling and camping can be enjoyed.
  6. Museum of the Great War in Belarus: The Museum of the Great War in Belarus is one of the most important historical museums in the world, as it displays many things, documents, weapons, and vehicles that were used during the Great War.
  7. Niasviz Palace: Niasviz Palace is located in southern Belarus, and is considered one of the most amazing tourist attractions in the country, as the complex includes many palaces, gardens, and beautiful spaces.
  1. Seliger Resort: Seliger Resort is located in eastern Belarus, and is considered one of the most important health resorts in the country, as it provides water therapy, physiotherapy, massages, and water sports activities.
  2. Belarusian Agriculture Museum: The Belarusian Agriculture Museum showcases the agricultural culture, crafts and natural environment of Belarus, and houses a large collection of old agricultural tools, handicrafts and traditional clothing.
  3. Kupala Festival: The Kupala Festival is celebrated in Belarus on the first of July every year, and it is considered one of the most important traditional festivals in the country, where summer, harvest, music and dance are celebrated.

Visitors can enjoy strolling and shopping in traditional markets, and enjoy delicious food and traditional drinks in the many restaurants and cafes in Belarus. Excursions and scenic walks can be enjoyed in the countryside and national parks.

Belarus includes many distinctive tourist attractions and picturesque natural areas, and visitors can enjoy many different tourist activities, such as:

  1. Skiing: Skiing can be enjoyed in many mountain resorts in Belarus, such as Seliger Resort and Vleshcha Resort.
  2. Excursions: Excursions can be enjoyed in the national parks and nature reserves of Belarus, such as the Priskoli Reserve and Prilatsky Park.
  3. Fishing: Fishing is possible in the many rivers and lakes in Belarus. Lake Naroch and Pripyat River are popular destinations for fishing enthusiasts.
  4. Horseback riding: Horseback riding can be enjoyed on farms and rural resorts in Belarus.
  5. Water activities: Water activities can be enjoyed in the many lakes and rivers in Belarus, such as boating, water skiing, and diving.
  6. Concerts: Belarus is home to many famous bands, and various concerts can be enjoyed in theaters and concert halls in Belarus.
  7. Gardens and parks: Belarus has many beautiful gardens and parks, such as the Minsk Zoo, Belovezh Park and Gomel Park.
  8. Shopping: Shopping can be enjoyed in many commercial centers and traditional markets in Belarus, and many local products, handicrafts and souvenirs can be purchased.
  9. Botanical Gardens: Belarus includes many botanical gardens and parks that display rare species of plants and flowers, such as the Flower Garden in Minsk.
  10. Spa and thermal water treatment: Belarus has many health resorts that provide thermal water therapy, massage and physiotherapy, such as Naroch Resort and Minsk Resort.


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